Vendor List has been recently updated to include some new vendors.

All of our readers and healers have gone through a significant screening process with independent people establishing that they are professional, ethical, sincere, and skilled. Find insight, transformation, guidance, advice, counseling, and more with our many mediums and intuitive readers. Enjoy a deep-tissue massage or light-touch energy work from caring and skilled practitioners. If a vendor is not listed as a healer or reader in the book they where not tested for their services at our fair .They should not be using any endorsements from the IMF as It was not given . 

This list is not complete there will be more vendors at fair if you are a vendor please send a bio exactly how you want it and send to the president it will be added.



you can't sell cbd Products at the fair


All Existing Readers / Healers

That add a New Service /Modality or if you have not worked the fair for 2 years

  need to be tested by 3 people set up by the IMF board

for more go to

IMF Testing Guidelines


No soliciting at fair without fair board permission


Iowa Metaphysical Fair

Information booth

Iowa Metaphysical Fair T-shirts and Program Information



Read My Lips 

Lip Readings



 Unique readings using lipstick and your own lips. All lips have a story to tell.

 Kayde sees signs and messages sent from her higher power in the way of lipstick.

A pure reading with direct honest insight. 

 The lips don't lie  

Available for private readings and parties



Balanced Detox by Kirby


Come sit a spell relax and enjoy the benefits of an Ionic Foot Bath .Remove years of a polluted and Stressful  environment taking its tole on your body's well being.

Look and feel younger improve many problems associated with the build up. Give yourself a 30 min break and recharge  your batteries.


Call 515-707-0573  for private appointments or set up a party for your friends and family .

Major Credit Cards excepted


Sweet Magnolia Foods

Creators Of Fine Drink & Spice Blends

O- Bloody Mary Mix




Epic Eateries


A Father Daughter locally owned business.

We create unique flavorful spice blends from COOL to HOT HOT. Because they are not just a Dip our spices versatility will find a way to be come a staple in your kitchen. Use them for rubs, dips, marinate meats and veggies, stir fry, dressings, and just an easy way to enhance your recipes taking them to a new level. Just use your imagination. Stop by our booth a try a sample.

Never Be Afraid To





Marilyn Elliott, CHTP, RM

Psychic Counseling

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master

Spiritual/Life Counselor


Marilyn has been a leading member of the community for over twenty years. She is a Intuitive/Medium Reader using a Heart and Soul connection. She is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher serving the community with Energy Healing since 1995. She offers Mentoring/Guidance to Individuals or Groups as well as mentoring those with Psychic Gifts. She was contracted with Mercy Medical Center for ten years providing Healing Touch to their Hospice patients and has been a Guest Speaker at many Events, Institutions, Radio, and a Reader at many Psychic Fairs. Her Holistic approach to life, her wisdom and psychic abilities have helped many find clarity and security in a sometimes chaotic World.

The key to spiritual freedom lies within you.
Eᴄᴋᴀɴᴋᴀʀ, The Path of Spiritual Freedom, is an active, individual, creative spiritual practice. A companion and road map for your journey home--to the heights of Self-Discovery and God-Discovery, and beyond.

Stacie Didier Energy Worker for Get More Energy 5136 Ingersoll Ave, Des Moines, IA 50312 Unit 1

mobile: 515-865-6817



Rosanne Roy

Find me on Facebook

Show Me Tarot


An earthy and intuitive reader from the Show Me State, Rosanne Roy has an insatiable curiosity about how and why people behave as they do and loves sharing her passion for Tarot through personal encounters.  She feels that education and entertainment go hand in hand and strives to offer both while explaining the cards.  Carpe diem! (seize the day) her motto inspired by the 19th card in the major arcana, The Sun, suggests that NOW is an opportune time that may not come again.  Her goal is to 'lift up people's hearts' that they may see the light within. "I fully believe the power of Tarot, the work of Divine Spirit, and the trust we inspire in one another will allow this to be."

Find me on Facebook




Reclaim Your Path
Where Self Empowerment meets Spirituality 
Rae- Spiritual Advisor 
Rae is an intuitive who uses Divination to assist those on their spiritual journey. After a massive awakening in her own life, she is a living example of creating one's own reality. She has been reading & channeling over 4 years, is a big advocate for shadow work. Ready to empower you to take the reins back into your own hands & reclaim the path that was always yours.




Guided Awakenings


Finding Tranquility Within a New Age of Healing


(605) 656-6614


Guided awakenings is pleased to attend the IAMetaphysicalfair. We will be bringing basic inductions at my booth, as well as the services we offer. Our services start at QHHT which stands for quantum healing hypnosis technique. It is a way for one to go into a past life and learn what the subconscious wants it to learn. It is very advanced and very powerful because it also acts as a healing technique to help people with many issues, too many to name. It does not end there Guided Awakenings brings its knowledge and other amazing things it can offer. We are honored, humbled and thrilled to attend this year for the first time. On a personal note from Tony Nuss the owner of Guided Awakenings, I look forward to meeting many of you and creating lasting friendships to help heal the world. See you on the fair floor.

Follow the website and facebook for updates and possible shows and group classes.








Indigo & Ether is a small business based in Omaha Nebraska. We make candles, lotions, soaps, and raw stone chimes based on the 7 primary chakras, all infused with Reiki energy specific to each chakra. We also have a line of unique stone pendants, scented candles, wax melts, and gifts made with reclaimed wood. All items are handmade by either Alicia or Keith with love and care using non-toxic ingredients.

 You can find us online at, or reach us via email at or

 via phone at 402-650-9571


Jodie Harvala

Psychic/Medium, Spiritual Teacher

Jodie Harvala, Psychic/Medium, Spiritual teacher. Jodie Harvala guides women to build their intuition, manage their energy and clear the fear that holds them back to be replaced with confidence and that badass sass we all enjoy! Jodie offers real life tools to help not only day to day life but also build the life you are working towards! Jodie offers readings,clearings,classes,mentorship and retreats. She loves to have fun and teaches through experiential sessions. To contact Jodie Harvala and inquire about working with her head over to  or by email


The Clear Co. offers a variety of healing crystals + Jewelry to help you raise your vibration,

 Acknowledge your power as an individual & Become crystal clear on your purpose here! 





The Healing Charm specializes in jewelry that can be used with essential oils, doubling up the healing energy of your natural gemstone jewelry! All of the jewelry is made with genuine gemstones, healing stones and crystals. Shari Davis also designs wire wrapped creations from sterling silver and copper. One of her specialties is woven bezels and the Tree of Life. She teaches classes in wire wrapping, and is now moving into copper and silver smithing. Custom orders are always welcome!



Vibe and Sound Energy Rebalancing


Liz and James from CENTER ME NOW are offering Spirit Team Readings and Vibroacoustic Sound + Energy Sessions at the Iowa Metaphysical Fair. Stop by for a reading to connect with your Spirit Team Members (those that vibrate in the frequency of Love and Above) to see what messages come through for you as well as an energy rebalancing on our vibrating crystal table.

CENTER ME NOW is a place where you can find life-changing classes and healing modalities designed to help you live a healthier and happier life, as well as dig deeper into spirituality wherever you may be. To help those searching to grow in their lives, we offer Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Sessions, group sound healing meditations, USUI Holy Fire III Reiki Classes, Past Life Regression and more! The center offers non-invasive music therapy sessions to help you unwind, relax, and reduce pain. You will find Iowa's first liquid vibroacoustic table here, created to help alleviate pain caused by Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, and more. We look forward to meeting you!



The Noble Nebula Ia

Facebook: The Noble Nebula Ia,




The Noble Nebula Ia offers crystal and gemstone handmade jewelry which includes tear drop gemstone trees, bracelets, necklaces, wire creations, and crystal sculptures. Noble Nebula Ia creates handmade custom jewelry, a wide selection of rough (raw), polished crystals and gemstones for your private collection. We also offer tote bags, tie dye shirts, and tie dye baby onesies.




Brandy Werner

Willow Moon Apothecary

208 W Ashland Ave, Ste 100

Indianola, Iowa 50125

Kristen Wonderlin - Inner Peace Medium



Kristen is a Spirit Medium, Psychic and Reiki Healer who offers private sessions and co-presented group workshops. She first realized that she had unusual intuitive gifts at age 6 when her great grandmother came to her from the Other Side to comfort her. By the time she was in middle school, she knew she wanted to help people with her gifts.

Kristen often gets intuitive medical insights, plus signs and information from Spirits who have crossed over. While she can't control the content of these messages or who may come through, she can tune in and open to receive these higher frequency transmissions that are made possible through God. She chooses to do this work so she may help others heal, overcome difficulties, and find inner peace.

K & K Minerals and Fossils


Phone: 308-632-2385

We are collectors and dealers of agate, petrified wood, crystals, minerals and many types of fossils.

We sell mainly at club shows in Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana and Missouri.

We also sell at Quartzite and Tucson, Arizona.







TNT SpiritWorks is a spiritual awareness service led by Teresa and Tom Shantz.  As a clairaudient and clairvoyant team with over 50 years of combined experience locally and internationally, they utilize their sensitivity to help others tap into and unfold the Inner Gifts and Guidance that we all have available to us.  Their enthusiasm is contagious.   


They'd love helping you "become your own best guru" through self-understanding.  Did you know there are really four types of intuition available to you?  They can assist you to be more aware your own abilities, strengths, and talents; your psychic gifts and personal team of Spiritual Helpers.  Find out what's already there and what's yet to unfold. 


Through their acclaimed Enthusiastically Spiritual podcast, personal one-on-one sessions, and workshops they can re-ignite passion for a life on track with your unique purpose and thrust.  "Things get better!"  as Teresa says.  "It is really about helping you understand how amazing life is, the wisdom within, and how Spirit can help you work miracles in everything you do."  


Whether you are new to searching spiritually, or been on your path for years, TNT SpiritWorks has something for you.  Tom says, "Spiritual awareness is not meant to be hard.  It's the simplicity of one step at a time that works."  They offer tools and techniques for positive living, no matter what your situation or environment.  Make it practical! 


Stop by their booth to sign up for a unique reading including your primary psychic gift and personality type.  Are you an Intuitive?  Visionary?  Prophetic? Or, Feeler?  We each have all four, but ONE is the primary way you communicate in the world.  Find out what vibration you are putting out there! 


Our contact information is 



Social Media: 





Enthusiastically Spiritual Podcast: 









School of Metaphysics  

3715 University Avenue Des Moines, IA 50311


Des Moines SOM Meetups Metaphysics and   DreamCatchers
Des Moines SOM Online Calendar: Des Moines SOM Calendar


The School of Metaphysics is a place to discover and explore the universal principles that govern our universe and put these principles into action so you can  realize your full potential.

Applied Metaphysics Coursework; Short courses and  seminars on visualization, meditation, dream interpretation, concentration and intuitive research provide the mental technology for developing your whole Self.

Start upgrading your Spiritual DNA now!

The School of Metaphysics will be offering free  Dream Interpretations and Self assessment on concentration and visualization skills

at the IOWA Metaphysical Fair


The School of Metaphysics is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit educational organization that has been serving the community of Des Moines since 1978.  The core course of study in Applied Metaphysics teaches the student about the  MIND and how to wield its power to realize their full potential!  The coursework aids individuals in developing and enhancing skills fundamental to accessing the full capacity of the mind and the resources available to manifest their desires.   The school offers a number of additional services to aid individuals in understanding and mastering their own mind.  These services listed below include links to more detailed information:

Course of Study in Applied Metaphysics

Intuitive Reports


Spiritual Focus Sessions



White Eagle Pow Wow

 to promote harmony among all races.
we will be returning to Jester park this year.



Crystal Joy 

Facebook page at 


Crystal Joy actively seeks out high energy stones for you. We personally select our stones at various shows and bring them to you. 

We also help match stones to you. We carry crystals in all forms - rough, polished, carved and wands.

 We will also help you fulfill special requests.



Voices From Heaven

Robert Baca

Robert's gift of communicating with those loved ones who have crossed over is so extremely strong that he continues to astound both believers and skeptics alike. He has appeared on various radio and television shows throughout the country and he has been featured in several different newspapers and magazines, including internationally Fate Magazine. In addition to the gift of communicating with those loved ones who have crossed over, Robert can foresee and share insight in present and future aspects of a person's life, including: Finances, Career, Relationships, and Spiritual Development.


Melissa Devine

Devine Solutions

Phone- 515 457 1261

Website & Socials


Reiki Master/Teacher. Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner. Deep Devine Transmutation.

Spiritual & Law of Attraction Advisor/Coach.  Tarot Card Reader. Author.


Hi! I'm Melissa! I channeled a healing modality and frequency directly from spirit, it is called Deep Devine Transmutation. Transmutation is to take one thing and turn it into another. From the outside you will see my body move and contort as spirit uses my body to help you transmute your pain and turn it into wisdom. Once you understand it you can release it, then watch the magic and manifestations come to life. I will also be offering nine card tarot readings with result-oriented advice.


Here's what you really need to know, you are in tune with your spirituality and intuition so trust your soul. 

If you see me and you feel in your gut, I'm your girl, come see me.

Melissa Devine 
"The most Devine solutions"
Energy Healer & Channeled Energy Healing Modality Creator
Tarot Card Reader
Intuitive & Law of Attraction Coach
Spiritual Teacher  Reiki Master/Teacher  Author




Palm Readings

Kathleen Darling 

My experience in hand reading over the past 40 years has become more precise with added focus on finger prints. With a short 30 min. reading I should be able to discover a number of things: 1) Your school of thought, which is your approach to handling difficulties and the manner you present yourself to others. 2) Your primary purpose and where you fit in life. 3) Your primary lesson, which comes from the recurring challenges which continually arise no matter what changes in friends, places or life partners you have. Any extra time remaining I will use to discern areas of special interest. I hope that through a reading , you will gain useful tools to recognize your capabilities and develop a greater understanding of how to handle personal challenges. 



Angel Lynn & Debra Holett


Since I was a little girl I was talked to from the other side. Of course, I didn't understand things then. Now I do. I have a calling to help people. I listened and this is what I do. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, I have mediumship and I see future and past. I use my spirit guides and yours during a reading. I am able to connect very fast and start getting information. My goal is to help people help themselves. If I help those that need it then I’ve done my job. I have been doing psychic parties all over the state. I so enjoy what I do. So if you are looking to have some fun consider a party. Stay in the light. - Angel Lynn





Elements of Rejuvenation

Mark A. Wells and Elaine Rangel

Leon, Iowa


Elements of Rejuvenation is an Iowa-based business which is known throughout the Midwest as an affordable source of high-quality metaphysical goods We offer natural and inspired products from around the world which are also metaphysical tools for awakening & supporting Spirit. Quality & Affordability is our motto!! Our merchandise includes: Mineral and crystal specimens, including spheres, standing points, double terminated points, and tumbled stones; Tibetan singing bowls and prayer flags; Authentic Native American art such as Zuni fetishes; Unique gift items including sculpture, rune sets and windchimes; Sage, smudge and sweetgrass; Body care products; and 100% Natural  Homemade Soy Wax candles and tarts which come in 45+ cruelty-free scents. Let us use our years of experience to help you select items that support your goals. We work with wholesalers worldwide to bring you a nice selection, and we only sell things that we would want to own ourselves. Because the fact is, we do own them until they move on to their new homes.  We carry many items beyond what we have listed here, so stop by our big double booth this weekend and check out our website throughout the year.

NAMASTE- Mark & Elaine




 Renu Lal
Henna Designer
Cell: 916-717-0211


Renu Lal is a renowned henna artist, 
gifted intuitive healer and palm reader. 
Receive FREE Reading with Sacred Henna Symbols.


Ricky Yutuc 

Ricky’s healing didgis are made from the fallen Agave plants. The agaves are harvested by Ricky in Sedona Arazona 

and on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii.  Next, Ricky, a master in the art of making didgeridoos, 

creates them to play in each of the concert key pitches that relate to each charka's frequency of the body. 

After scanning the body for blockages using Reiki techniques and crystals, 

Ricky plays the appropriate didgeridoo to open and clear the area of the body that needs healing.





Roger & Diana Ringo

Phone: (515) 996-0043 


Meet Diana and Roger Ringo at the Modern Spiritual Living Booth. Have a Past Life reading by Diana. Learn how past lifetimes are affecting you. Also, experience Crystal Soothing Tumbled Stones. Run your fingers through delicate tumbled stones and feel rejuvenated. We offer workshops, spiritual coaching sessions, and products that help you create stress free living. Special emphasis is on discovering your true-life purpose,




Luminous Ignus

Michele Lundstrom


Michele Lundstrom is an Intuitive reader, Shamanic practitioner, Certified Advanced Chakredy® Practitioner, Reiki Master, Empath coach, and Energy artist.   Michele provides intuitive readings through your subtle energy (the chakras) to help identify and prioritize what your energy wants to bring to your awareness as well as energetic imbalances and direct channeled healing energy to the chakras.  Michele has been working with individuals to support healing for 15 years and has been connected with intuition and guides for as long as she can remember.  She is also a carrier of lightning medicine since being struck by lightning a few years ago.

-       Identify and clear patterns in your energy field that are no longer supporting you.

-       Intuitive Chakra Readings/Assessments

-       Chakra Balancing.

-       Assessment of the subtle energy body and putting words and concepts with what you are experiencing.

-       Cord-cutting, removing energetic attachments, identifying energy leaks, and healing ancestral and past life interferences.

-       Support you in identifying what guides, ancestors, and animal guides are supporting you through your healing journey.

-       Emotional and energetic boundaries.

-       Michele is comfortable providing readings even if you do not know what your question is.  Your energy always knows.



Astro Eyes
Evolutionary Astrology
515- 779-7154

Cathy Lindsey has been an active Evolutionary Astrologer since 1994. After a life-changing experience with cancer, her Astrological and Psychic gifts were activated. She has since studied with world renowned Evolutionary Astrologers Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green and is a graduate of Forrest's Astrological Apprenticeship Program. Cathy also teaches and speaks on Evolutionary Astrology." Please bring your birth time"





Kelly Two Wolves


 Kelly is a Nationally Renowned Psychic,

 Medium, Spiritual Counselor, and Empath.

 Reading for over 25 yrs , highly accurate, 

clear and direct she doesn't disappoint .




 Dennis "Doc" Cromwell


" Intuitive as a child, Doc offers intuitive readings which incorporate soul lessons and past life influences to

 give greater insight and depth of understanding of current life issues.

  Doc also offers past life readings as well as oracle card readings. 

 Please have 3 questions ready at the time of your reading.  "



Light Jewels LLC 


Light Jewels is dedicated to presenting beauty from Mark’s hand-crafted inspired jewelry, 

unique silver and stone jewelry, crystals and music, as well as 

Jean’s book Messages from Other Worlds and her past life readings for spiritual growth and awareness


Phoenix Coaching & Consulting

Rev. Shae Moyers D.Div.

Intuitive and Transformation Coach





A Clairvoyant Intuitive and Medium with over twenty seven plus years experience, Rev. Shae Moyers' gift of insight and ability to communicate with those who have crossed over provides her clients with personalized soul healing experiences. Known for her amazing accuracy and ability to clearly "see" to the heart of the matter, Shae's warm "down home" style creates a safe nurturing space for her clients to experience transformation at the deepest levels of their being. 

Shae offers private intuitive consultations, mediumship readings for individual and groups, tarot and oracle readings, transformation coaching, energy healing and full ministerial services including interfaith weddings and rites of passage. Rev. Shae offers a wide variety of workshops teaching psychic development and spiritual empowerment courses throughout the Midwest. Shae is an ordained minister and spiritual counselor. Rev. Shae is also the Executive Director and founder of the Phoenix Institute of Conscious Living in Kansas City.

Rev. Shae Moyers is available for private individual sessions, workshops and private parties by appointment. Phone and Skype sessions are also available. To make an appointment or for more information on classes and private session rates, please call Phoenix Coaching and Consulting at 913-602-9746 or email: Please visit her Facebook page a
t for more information.


Healing Hands and More

We believe in the joy of laughter at the Healing Hands and More -stop by to see what brings us such joy.With natural soaps,lotions &essential oils ,you can luxuriate and stimulate your senses. Our jewelry is chosen for fun and flair not to break your budget .We offer quality products at affordable prices .If we wouldn't pay that why should we expect you to? Instead we have done what we do best -shopped for quality products at the best prices .Stop by and share a smile with us .Many Blessings to you .


The Holistic Warrior


Thomas J. Nolan III, PhD 

4235 Brookview

Norman, OK 73072

405 360-2250


What Can The Holistic Warrior Help Me?

Show you actions you can take that will put you in control of your life!

Identify and break patterns that are not in your best interest!

Find and maintain that special relationship!

Obtain peace of mind that you can maintain under most conditions!

Create a wealthy state of mind that will attract wealth to you!


How Does The Holistic Warrior Help Me?

Each reading is designed to help you: 1) identify patterns of sabotage; 2) demonstrate methods that will help you resolve these problems; and 3) build connections with yourself, God, and others.  As a result, you will be able to create a life that is self-sufficient, not co-dependent, and develop spiritually.


What is the Holistic Warrior’s Background?

My educational background includes a Ph.D. in Ecological Psychology, an MS in Chemistry, and a Trainer’s Certification in Behavior Modification.  I have also studied with several schools, including the Rosicrucians, the School of Metaphysics , and The Gurdjieffian Movement.




Cecelia's Business Card (4) 10-17-08


CKY Designs: Cecelia K Yoder 

I am a designer with a focus on creating necklaces, earrings, brooches and beaded art objects. 

I search for the most beautiful, unusual, rare, high quality materials available.

 My pieces are one of a kind and take inspiration from a variety of styles and cultural influences. 



Argos & Amalia Marinoctis are local Artisans and Practitioners of Old World Witchery. They create Magical Witch Bottles, Spirit Dolls, Potent Herbal Products for Health & Healing and a variety of Magical items to assist you upon your path.
Argos offers Bone Readings. One of the oldest known forms of Divination which will assist in understanding things to come and the connection to the deeper aspects of yourself.
Amalia works with her own Psychic Energy to see your vibrations and through touch can open your understanding to all things past present and future.

We are now a brick and mortar store located inside Groovy Goods at 2300 University Ave
here in Des Moines near Drake!





Sacred Designs By Spirit

Shimen Averhoff

33391 290th St., Shell Rock, Iowa 50670


Facebook- Sacred Designs by Spirit

Shimen is a holistic practitioner for over 16 years. She has been trained as a Reiki Master, 

Certified Crystal Healer, Advance Theta and Shamanic teachings.


She will be offering Crystals, custom gemstone jewelry, 


Tarot/oracle cards, herbs, healing sessions and Aura Photos. Available for private sessions.

  • As a matter of policy The Iowa Metaphysical Fair does not endorse any Reader/Healer or vendor. 

    The only way to insure that we have tested the Reader/Healer is to look on our vender page on our website to see if they are listed there. 

    So if they are not listed on our vender page of our website we don't know them.  


    The IMF Board

    This list is not complete there will be more vendors at fair if you are a vendor please send a bio exactly how you want it and send to the Webmaster it will be added. 


    All advice from a Reader / Healer is of a general nature and is not to be substituted for a qualified professional. ((An Attorney, Doctor, Therapists, Financial Adviser.))

    Any sessions you  Have At the Iowa Metaphysical Fair not intended to diagnose, treat, alleviate, cure, or prevent any medical, psychological,

     or nutritional condition, disease, or disorder.  OUR Readers /Healers  are not a substitute for effective standard medical treatment. 

     You are advised to continue ongoing medical treatment and therapies until otherwise advised by your physician or medical practitioner.


    IMF Assumes no liability for vendors bio content. We copy and paste all vendor bios The vendors assumes all liability for website bios contents and pictures .

     It is the policy of IMF that the venders have all permissions for all artwork and content of there bio and assumes all liability for Bio content.







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