Please read and sign and return to IMF, 717 Creston Ave., Des Moines IA 50315

2022 Iowa Metaphysical Fair Contract 

No set up until contract has been reviewed and signed by vendor. 

DO NOT ENTER BUILDING BEFORE 4:00 p.m. FRIDAY. (There are many reasons for this rule) 

Be mindful about set up and tear down times. Set up Friday 4pm-8pm Tear down Sunday 6pm-10:30pm 

Please be set up by 10:30 Sat. morning and be at the circle if possible. Lots of info given at circle. 

Absolutely no early tear down before Sunday at 6pm. You may not be invited back. 

No one is guaranteed a specific spot. You may request; we will do our best to accommodate you. 

11am-closing no door except front ticket doors will be used. With exception of IMF board and emergencies. This is for everyoneís protection. 

Per fire code all cords must not cross any walkway and must be taped down (with painterís tape only Blue). You will be unplugged if you do not comply. There is a $40.00 fee if you use electrical outlet without paying so just pay before you plug in. DO NOT ASK NEIGHBOR TO LEND YOU ELECTRIC. 

No music allowed except for healing purposes. This must be set at a reasonable volume. 

No incense or open flames allowed. NO Smoking except outside in designated area. 

Park all trailers and vehicles in designated area. Keep parking lot open for vendors unless handicapped. 

Be respectful to all vendors, Specifically, those on either side of you. Negative comments toward other vendors are not permitted. We encourage a safe and positive fair.  

If you are experiencing an issue, please locate the Fair Manager to address the problem. 

The behavior of your staff reflects you and you are responsible for them. They are expected to understand and follow all rules outlined in your contract as well. 

All children must be accompanied by an adult, or they must stay in your booth. You are responsible for all monetary damages that may occur by unsupervised children. 

No endorsing of other healers or readers outside your booth. 

No soliciting any other vendor during fair. We have had too many complaints.  

The list you submit of types of healings and readings are all you are allowed to practice at the fair. Any added modalities must be screened. If you do a reading or healing without screening you will pack up and leave the building immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS. Readers and healers must get approved if adding product to booth as well. 

Do not start a reading or healing that goes past closing times. 

Any damages caused by you, or your staff will be your responsibility to pay for in full. 

For all updates and notices go to Itís your responsibility to keep yourself updated. 

By signing this contract, I agree to all rules and conditions set forth by the IMF, State Fairgrounds, and Fire Marshall. I understand that failure to comply can result in dismissal without refund and jeopardizes future opportunities with this organization. 


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